DIY Tips and Tricks for Lawn and Tree Care

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Thanks for checking out our new site dedicated to Do It yourself tree and lawn care. Let’s face it the job isn’t that difficult if you have the right equipment and the right training. Granted some folks have rather large properties with extensive landscapes. These types of properties probably aren’t the DIY kinda guys/gals. No for us every day Joe, if we just took an hour and focused on our lawn care we would save a ton of money and have a green full lawn the neighbors envy J

There are some tricks or rather processes a professional lawn care company knows which make yards look fantastic! Don’t get me wrong they are professionals and typically care for the work they do. However, it’s not rocket science, it’s just a matter of knowing how to do it, when to do it and with what equipment.

Don’t worry you won’t own a truck and trailer full of tools after deciding to take on your lawn care. Rather a few good multi-purpose essentials, a good pair of gloves and the knowledge to complete the job.

Through a series of posts, we will cover the seasonal aspects what you should do for proper lawn care to ensure a healthy lawn year-round. As well as your shrubs and trees and how to keep them looking their best.  A number of following posts will cover individual aspects for general tasks such as mowing your lawn or trimming your shrubs and trees, promoting an overall healthy landscape.

We look forward to checking in with you again shortly with our Fall Yard Care Guide.


-Cutting Loose

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