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Fall Cleaning- Lets Talk Indoor

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Fall Cleaning is Here- Time to move inside 🙁

Okay so we love outside work and DIY projects in and around the yard. But, it’s that time of year when you need think about the inside of the home. Yes, fall is here, and Winter is rapidly approaching. We know Spring cleaning is a popular to-do but what about fall cleaning?

As we prepare for the rain, snow, ice and whatever else old father winter in has store this year make sure your dwelling is comfortable. This goes for routine maintenance items such as changing the air filter in your furnace to closing the vents in your foundation. Also, chores like cleaning the fireplace and chimney. Getting the carpets cleaned to eliminate all the pollen form the summer before.

Bug Barrier

We like to spray spider barrier around our property every fall and late spring early summer. We started doing this over the last couple years and can’t recommend it enough. Typically, we see a ton of spiders come inside when the temperatures drop. Since we’ve started using a barrier product we haven’t seen a single creepy crawler inside.


Another thing my wife absolutely must do is clean the windows inside and out. A college friend of hers runs a Boise window cleaning company and let her in a little winter trick great for the DIY’s. Cleaning the windows is a chore especially if they are on an upper floor, so don’t risk your safety and hire a professional window cleaner if needed. They can also do this and will likely have a similar product.
After you get your windows as clean as you want, which my wife works for hours on them until they sparkle. Once they are clean apply some rainX product to the outside windows, this will help them repel the weather throughout the winter. It’s a great little trick, the windows might still attract a little dust or dirt but when the rain hits it tends to come right off and the rain dries without streaks.

Stove/ Oven

Another thing that’s on our Fall cleaning list is the stove and oven. I know it’s a probably one of my most disliked chores, but it has to happen. Typically, during the summer, we BBQ 75 percent of our meals. But in the winter, we just can’t. So, we make sure our oven and stove are clean and ready for the abuse over the winter.


I personally must make sure my garage is in order and there is room to work out and do projects. Throughout the summer we tend to fill our garage with rafts, bikes, and miscellaneous sporting and outdoor gear. Its time most or all of that gets packed up and put away. With winter around the corner, my workouts move indoors, and this is “my” number one, must do.

As you prepare to hibernate make sure your “cave” is prepared also!



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