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Seasonal Tips

Winter Preparation

Winter is the weather when cool breezes and low temperatures surround us. It is the time of the year when fireplaces and bon-fires become alive. The blazing fire and crackling flickers allures one towards itself. This all fun and luxury of warmth is all thanks to the pieces and logs of woods which are the basic raw material.

Wood Preparation for Winter

Find the Wood

Searching, chopping and bringing wood to its destination is a tedious task; which becomes more difficult in winters. As in winters the roads and paths are not friendly for such a journey and searching and cutting even becomes difficult due to the cold weather. Therefore one should act proactively and depending on the weather and ones need stack ample amount of wood beforehand.


The first step is to find the right type of fire wood. Once found the next step is chopping. For piling purpose wood pieces should be cut in triangle shape. In this way the pieces can be piled on top of each other with ease taking less space. It also reduces the chances of stacks rolling off, creating a mess and injuring someone. An ideal length of wood logs should be between twelve to twenty inches long. Use a wheelbarrow to bring it to tour place.

While chopping; remember to chop some small pieces which shall be required to start a fire. These pieces can be bundled in a corner and used to blaze up the fire every time.


In order to increase the life of wood and safe it from natural decay it is preferable to stack it in racks little higher than the ground level. This is because direct contact with the ground may result in the wood getting rotted; chances of growth of algae, fungi and other such mosses increases. Direct contact with ground also increases the chances of the log becoming home to insects and animals; which will make them less efficient for fire purpose. Therefore try to stack them a little higher than ground.

The stacked piles need support on both the end to remain intact for the whole for the purpose any heavy thing can be placed on each end. Tailor made steel barricades and stoppers are available in the market for this purpose.


Completely shutting off from natural elements like sun and air will also decrease the woods life. Ensure that the wood receive air and sun. The best practice is that the piles are stacked in the manner where sunlight reaches through the sides and air from the front. This will help in keeping the wood dry for the coming season.

While stacking the wood makes it convenient for use in the coming season, it is dangerous in case a fire erupts as wood catches the fire easily and the whole building can blaze up. Therefore, if possible try to store the wood away from the main building to avoid any big accident. Also take extreme care near the stack area and try to regularly check on the store.

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