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Taking Care of Business


Here at We Can Wood & Lawn, we are all about DIY projects around the house to save you time and money. I hope through our previous posts on Lawn Care you were able to grab some usefull tips and prepare you lawn for the Winter months.

As we approach the cold season we shift our focus from outside the home to inside. If your like us the Thanksgiving was a blessing and know we focus on the best holiday of the year, Christmas. Not for what we may receive but for what we are able to give. Even if the giving is as simple as a warm smile and a Merry Christmas to a complete stranger.

Even if you cant afford to buy extravagant gifts for your friends and family, the true gift of Christmas is the selfless acts we see everywhere. Today I saw my neighbor helping another elderly couple in the neighborhood hang their Christmas lights, of course I lent a hand. Honestly it probably made me feel better than my neighbors whom I was helping.

Just as each of us can make a positive impact in our neighborhoods, we see a number of businesses who are also spreading the Christmas cheer. There was a Bank in town who rents a horse and carriage and offers free rides through downtown. We took part in this last night and surprisingly the bank didn’t even pitch their products after the ride was over. In fact I asked them why they were letting this golden opportunity slip by. They simply replied that’s not what Christmas is about and we just want to spread the joy of the season. Needless to say that was a great response and I’m actually more open to checking their products out than had they pitched me yesterday.

Another excellent example comes from a friend of mine who has been an accountant for many years always offers ten people free tax filling services in the spirit of Christmas. Check them out at They specialize in business accounting but are generous enough to offer these personal services for the folks who desperately need their help.

This time of year can be extremely stressful for folks who may not have the money to buy their kids all they toys and gifts they wish they could. In fact they might not be able to buy anything, besides the basics. With tax season right around the corner many people have to decide between hiring an accountant to properly do their taxes for the best outcome possible, or trying to do it themselves and hoping they captured all the deductions possible.

Don’t get us wrong we are all about DIY projects. However when it comes to taxes and the IRS we recommend seeking a professional accountant. They are always going to know more than you and are your best protection form the IRS.

We hope you find a number of ways to provide your help this year to those around you. Rather your a window cleaner, towing company, accountant or a delivery driver there is always a way to help and we hope you spread the christmas cheer just as the above examples have been able to for so many.

Stay tuned for our DIY guide to winterizing your house coming soon.